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Postby daveg » Thu Dec 08, 2011 1:57 am

Here's an email I sent to Matt regarding gear.. figured I'd put it on the forum as my opinion on what one could wear. ... egistry_id

that'll cover your upper body and is the cheapest I could find. ... web1008837

for your lower

You can just wear the 'jacket' (not much of a jacket.. but armor suit) over a t-shirt (light as possible synthetic) or on your skin with a jersey on top

and you wear the knee pads underneath baggy jeans or ontop of shorts. The knee pads don't offer the most protection, but it is better than just jeans. Check out dean's post of the road rash his passenger experienced

If you live in the USA, just go to a Cycle Gear (should be one in your town) and you can find something cheap. I regular moto shop will be 100x more expensive and the quality will be the same.
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Re: Gear

Postby dean » Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:28 am

teenage mutant ninja turtle outfits ordered for the aussie contingent. we sure are gonna scare the kids over there!
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Re: Gear

Postby raven » Tue Oct 16, 2012 8:12 pm

Okay, here's my packing list......

I'm going to try and limit myself to either a small set of saddle bags or a tail bag.

For riding, I'm wearing cargo pants, long sleeve shirt, and gloves. I'm bringing an off-road roost shirt/jacket (something similar to this that I got for cheap at CycleGear and don't care if it gets a mess. For shoes, a comfy pair of work boots that I can walk a long way in if I have to! For helmet, I'm thinking about just buying a cheap 3/4 there so I don't have to deal with it as a carry-on or worry about checking it.

I'm assuming it will probably rain but I'm gonna either skip the rain gear or carry a small poncho.

For clothes: I'm only planning to bring a second pair of cargo pants, either one or two shirts, PJ's, swimwear, undies, flip-flops, McNett towel (

For sundries: soap, small washcloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, meds, comb, small first aid kit, skeeter net, skeeter spray, maybe a hammock, small flashlight, cat can stove

For electronics: probably a GPS, maybe a SPOT communicator & smart phone (semi-sat-phone like capabilities), 2 cig outlets that I can wire onto the bike (1 for GPS, 1 to charge phone), camera (but will probably use the phone for that), haven't decided yet on laptop/tablet issue (I'll want to have it but I don't need it).

For shots, l'll probably only get the typhoid shot, skip Hep A&B, had a tetanus shot the end of 2010 and not really worried about rabies.

Planning to buy anti-malaria drugs in either Mexico or over there.

BIG THING!!!!! COFFFFEEEEE!!! Haven't quite decided what to do about that!

Looking at picking up one of these water filters because it packs small and adapts to either a water bottle or hydration bag!
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Re: Gear

Postby George » Wed Oct 17, 2012 12:37 am

I have set of armored under wear (forget the brand name) but will bring the pants with, plus my Joe Rocket Mesh/Armored jacket. Gloves, boots, less than full helmet covers me adequately.

Usual assorted trip stuff, as per Dace's list above. I'm traveling light, figure I can always buy more clothes if needed.

Leaning toward the Nexus 7 for 'puter, burn phone for local comm, Canon digital pocket cam, Maybe my I-pod Touch for muzak or maybe not. Assorted 'lectrical gee-whizz for charging it all up.

Not "gear" but looking closely at ordering Visas ahead of time: Thai, Cam, Laos, 'Nam. Might not use'em all, but relatively cheap on line.

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Re: Gear

Postby dean » Wed Oct 24, 2012 1:30 am

@ Raven
DO NOT TRY TO BUY A HELMET IN CAMBODIA. They are all cheap, plastic, poorly lined and do not comply with any safety standards. I've spent hours looking for one on a past trip without success. They are also HUGE - Cambodians have big round heads, and wear their helmets loose enough to remove without unbuckling. I wear a medium and couldnt find anything that was even sort of ok-ish in size. there are also no full face helmets, (only important if you like your face the way it is).

You wont need a water filter, there is bottled water everywhere, and you wont need rain gear, it's the dry season. Although we did see 2 days of rain last year, it's still hot as hell so you dry in no time. we'll also revise the route to avoid rain as much as possible if it's an issue... do bring a hydration pack though.

for luggage it's cheap to buy a duffel bag in the markets of PP, and attach it to the plate on the back of the bike with a strap (if you bring a tie down strap from home it will be easier - not much in the way of good quality straps over there)

great to have you guys along, really looking forward to meeting y'all, if you can get to the party on the 18th that would be great!

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