Scooter Specific things to bring

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Scooter Specific things to bring

Postby dean » Wed Dec 07, 2011 4:38 am

hi all, thought i'd start a thread with some hopefully useful info about what to bring for the trip, specifically relating to travelling with the scooter. I'll put up my disclaimer that i have never actually travelled on a scooter before :D - but i have been a very long way on a motorbike so hopefully some of that applies too. In any case this is what i'll bring...

a very basic tool kit
a leatherman tool/knife (
a bag of long zip ties (
roll of pvc tape
puncture repair kit, and a small hand pump (get one from any bicycle store)
a pair of tyre levers (or flat blade screwdrivers), 6in is long enough.
an adjustable spanner (6in)

if you're not handy on the tools dont worry, there are mechanics in every village who can fix your bike for a few dollars of you have a problem. The kit for me is just in case something small goes wrong that i can fix myself - like a puncture.

i have a really tough 50lt bag that will keep dust out of my clothes ( Thats all i'll take.

Luggage Straps
2 tie down straps (you can buy from a hardware store, or motorcycle store) and a couple of elastic straps too (

I'll take my hydration backpack, but you could also use bottles.

Protective Clothing
It will be hot, so there's the temptation to wear very little, but trust me, this can end in disaster, take a look at the pictures on this page (they're not gory, just some gravel rash). ... bodia.html

The gravel rash in these pics happened in Cambodia, 10km from the capital at about 70km/hr. Lucie was wearing jeans and a light jacket, gloves and full face helmet. Fortunately the gloves and helmet did their job but the jeans and jacket did very little. She still has the scars today, but was lucky to walk away alive, i'll tell you the story in Cambodia!

What you wear is up to you, but i'll be in clothes that are abraison resistant at the knees, hips, elbows and shoulders, with gloves, boots and full face helmet. No exceptions.

You can buy this stuff in Cambodia at much better prices than wherever you're coming from, but the quality will be pretty crappy. Also to consider - if you're anything smaller than a medium size helmet you may struggle to find one that fits properly, for some reason the sizes are all huge! I'd recommend you be a little wary about the local helmets, but if you do buy locally spend as much as you can on an MX style helmet with a chin guard. ($40 would be considered really expensive for a helmet in Cambodia)

And that's it.

What you bring is up to you, you could quite literally arrive in PP with just the clothes on your back, and spend a day walking the bike shops to find a bike and a bit of riding gear and then set off.
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Re: Scooter Specific things to bring

Postby daveg » Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:24 am

If you don't want to spend the money on a riding suit, you could try buying elbow and knee pads. Generally speaking, motocross stuff is cheaper than "touring" riding gear in the usa. I think shoulder pads are pretty inexpensive too. Either way, it is all cheaper than going to the hospital.

That being said, I'm wearing all my moto gear (pants, jacket, gloves, helmet, and moto boots). Traffic scares me. If it isn't hitting you straight on, it'll be running you off the road! Ok. That may a little dramatic... but if it was easy, it wouldn't be fun
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Re: Scooter Specific things to bring

Postby GaryS » Wed Dec 07, 2011 6:14 pm

I thought we were going to be in the jungle?? Didn't envision the concrete jungle...

Cool. good list.
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Re: Scooter Specific things to bring

Postby George » Sat Nov 03, 2012 5:56 pm

On the water bottle/hydration pack,,, the hose and mouth piece from a Platypus brand hyrdration pack fits the standard water bottle. This is what I used in Mexico/Guatemala a couple years ago. Handy.

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Re: Scooter Specific things to bring

Postby George » Sat Nov 03, 2012 6:20 pm

Was looking to not have checked baggage, so tools would be out of the question. Probably have to change my plans to bring this list of stuff:
Patch kit;
Cruz Tool (small combination tool kit.)
Gorilla Tape;
Zip ties;
Tar arns (tire irons. :D)
Tow/snatch strap (actually 1800 lb test cable pull strap.

Lots of other possible stuff but given the availability of local mechanics probably not worth the effort.

This link on has a lot of ideas, we probably don't need most of this stuff but lots of ideas here.

Along with the first aid/medical kit, that's my primary plan for packing beyond personal stuff.

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