Other country info from friend Maren

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Other country info from friend Maren

Postby George » Thu Oct 18, 2012 8:07 pm

Another (ex)SToner had invited me on a Mexico trip leaving today. Responded I couldn't make it but mentioned the Thai/Cam/Laos trip. I'm re-posting an e-mail I received from her today, some of this info may prove useful to folks wandering farther afield:

"I've been going there since 1983, lived in Thailand about 8 years, led tours all over SEAsia for 15 years.
I learned to ride a motorcycle in Thailand. So--

"RENT bikes everywhere you go. Far easier than having to mess with paperwork crossing borders. The EXCEPTION is--**you can rent bikes in Chiang Mai that you can ride to Laos. Contact: Rider's Corner www.riderscorner.net/ - the owner is Phil-- he knows everything about how to rent these bikes, has ridden all over thailand,Laos,Cambodia. He runs a website called www.RideAsia.net/
There are dozens of expats living in Chiang Mai who do a lot of riding, both on their own bikes and rented bikes. You can rent a KLX250 or equiv for about $20. a day. Do bring all you own gear, though.

"I gotta go just now, but as I travel through Mx, I will be checking email so - ask away."

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Re: Other country info from friend Maren

Postby digiamo » Mon Dec 24, 2012 2:10 pm

I won't envy any poor soul who happens to be leading a ride through strange territory with questionable road signs in a foreign language and trying to decipher the GSP nav promps to whats out there in the real world while slaloming the local traffic, potholes, landslides, animals, debris, kids and police.
Thailand, where some of us will be riding, all this on the left side (Thailand) of the road

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